Who is CUPE Local 2316

CUPE Local 2316 is the Bargaining Agent for Workers at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. Our members come from various backgrounds and reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. CUPE 2316 has over 750 members which are all dedicated to serving their communities in Toronto to ensure children are safe in our communities. Below is a brief summary of the important functions our members serve.


Our administrative workers carry out the daily tasks associated with the financial and administrative operations of the society that include the following but are not limited to accounts payable, receivable and data-entry, service community based teams to administer protection requirements as well as assist in health clinics. Furthermore, our workers also support community development workers where they assist with adoption processes and disclosures, coordinate visits between children and families as well as aid in transportation and supervision of children during access visits and documentation. Our workers also aid in legal services where they assist lawyers with court document preparation and filing and work with the records department to ensure archived documents are easily accessible. Administration workers schedule drives for our children through our centralized volunteer drivers.

Child Welfare Workers:

Child Welfare Workers are the largest group of workers at Local 2316. Child Protection Workers and Children’s Service workers carry out the core functions of the Society’s operations. They are case workers who serve families in the community and children in care of the society. They also support future parents through our Pregnancy and After Care Program. Child Welfare workers coordinate and assess access visits and work to develop community programs to strengthen support for children and to provide placements for children who need extra support. They also provide specialized services to LGBT youth. They also work in the adoption department where they assess potential adoptive parents as well as the foster care department where they recruit and support many foster homes and provide therapeutic assess supports to the families being served.

Child and Youth Workers:

Child and Youth Workers are essential to provide individual high quality services to the children and families we serve. Commonly referred to as CYW’s they work in the residential programs that service children and youth with complex emotional, social and behavioural needs. CYW’s also provide support to foster families, kinship placements, coordinate access visits and work closely with families and children within the community to support children in their family homes. Moreover, they also maintain programs for youths who are transitioning from care at the Pape Adolescent Resource Centre.

General Services:

General Service workers maintain the physical assets of the Society that includes our offices and residential programs. They help create a working environment that is functional, effective and clear of hazards for our workers and quests.


Specialized workers are diverse in the job functions they complete. They include our Infant Nurse Specialists who assist parents with the care and support of infants. They’re job also entails housing workers, computer programmers, switchboard operators, Systems Analysts, Trainers, IS and Quality Assurance workers, dispatchers and purchasing. Further, they coordinate a large contingent of Volunteers who assists in supporting children as well as administrating and distributing donations for families and children.

Casual and Contract:

Casual and contract workers are essential members of the Local. They assist in the residential programs that provide extra support to children who require specialized treatment plans or to cover for workers who are currently not working due to illness, injury or vacation. They work in our Child Access Programs to assist families during visits at our offices. They also cover jobs that are temporarily vacant due to emergency and personal leaves and illness. Generally speaking, contract workers are able to work in any area of the Society and can fill any job function.