Jim Noble

“You deserve all of the best because that is what you gave me.”
– client of Jim Noble

Jim Noble didn’t plan on a career at the CAS of Toronto; after graduating from his M.S.W. Jim, also a longtime member of the CAS of Toronto union, CUPE 2316, planned to get some skills and move on to his ‘real’ career.

Jim had no idea that CAS work would change his life direction, but it did, so much so, that a colleague predicted, “Jim, you will be a CAS lifer” and they were correct.

Many of our children, youth and their families come to us from severely traumatized situations and dealing with the agency can result in more big changes. Many workers can be overwhelmed by the depth of trauma experienced by our clients and the scope of workload expected of workers. Jim was no exception, but always found his way back to the work with the support of family, union, great teams, colleagues and supervisors,

To even begin building trust enough to build a relationship to get close to the trauma, Jim talked about the need for time, consistency, and attention. A former client who was severely traumatized but now is a healthy adult and parent thanks Jim by telling him he was more like a “life-long family friend.”

The value of Jim’s wisdom, effort and commitment tells two stories: one of how Jim came to love this work by showing how strong relationships are central in overcoming traumas and healing, and the second that shows how the positive forces of transformation can impact everyone involved in service,

Jim Noble expected to spend a short time serving children and youth on the front line, but as he prepares for his retirement, CUPE 2316 is honoured to commemorate a wonderful career by making Jim’s story the first of our worker profiles on the CUPE 2316 website. Thanks for everything and everyone you’ve inspired Jim. We are proud to highlight your wisdom and your story here.

– CUPE 2316

“The strategic adversary is fascism… the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our everyday behavior, the fascism that causes us to love power, to desire the very thing that dominates and exploits us.”

Michel Foucault