Executive Officers

Your Elected Union Executive 2019-20

    • President
      Aubrey Gonsalves
    • Chief Steward
      Stephanie Grant
    • Executive Officer (part time and casual members)
      Renee Phillips
    • Executive Officer 2316.1
      Harry Carter
    • Recording Secretary
      Jennifer Madsen
    • Secretary-Treasurer
      Sandra Bell
    • Return to Work Specialist
      Robin DeVries
    • Chair, Equity Committee
      Denise Anderson
    • Chair, Political Action and Strike Support
      Jean Lawrence-Scotland
    • Chair, Health & Safety Committee
      Michelle McIntosh
    • Chair, Education & Communication
      Jason Skinner
    • Chair, Special Projects
      Rhonda Moore

Other Elected Positions

  • Membership Secretary
    Kaitlyn Kerekes
  • Delegates to CUPE Toronto
    District Council
    Vacant & Vacant
  • Delegates to Toronto and York
    Region Labour Council
    Shaymain Shepherd & Sandra Bell
  • Trustee (1 year remaining)
    Vanessa Smikle
  • Trustee (2 years remaining)
    Maria Garrick
  • Trustee (3 years remaining)
    Paulette Lewis